Niksan Salamat Behbood Company is a manufacturer of infant formula, baby food, dietary supplements, sports supplements and food supplements for consumption of children and adults. This company has been producing various products since 2012 based on the knowledge of specialists and the use of trained and experienced personnel. The mission of the company is to provide families with trusted products to have a modern nutrition based on the latest scientific advice to different age groups. We believe that our customers are our business partners and without their help we cannot do the QC, product development, sales, marketing and distribution of our products.

High quality raw materials and powders are imported to the factory from countries such as Switzerland. Following the approval of several tests, the raw materials enter the production line. At all stages of production, many controls are carried out by specialists and the product is manufactured under fully hygienic conditions by advanced machinery. The finished products are precisely tested and after approval by the QC unit, they are imported to the market.