Proper nutrition before pregnancy is crucial for the health of the mother during pregnancy as well as the health and development of the fetus. In order to have a successful pregnancy, it is important to attend proper nutrition under the supervision of a specialist and to provide adequate levels of minerals and vitamins in the body. Here are some important nutrients recommended to use three months before pregnancy.

Folic Acid (Vitamin B 9)

This vitamin has a positive effect on the growth and formation of fetal brain and spinal cord and plays an important role in fetal neural tube formation. The daily requirement of "folic acid" before pregnancy is 400 micrograms.


Having enough "iron" in the body enhances the strength of the immune system and vitality of the mother. The daily requirement of "iron" before pregnancy is 18 mg.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C intake for women before pregnancy increases the secretion of hormones and increases the likelihood of fertility. Consuming this vitamin will also absorb more and better iron. The daily requirement of vitamin C before pregnancy is 75 mg.


Providing the necessary amount of this element before pregnancy increases the chance of fertility. Also, the proper amount of "zinc" in the body of the mother causes the fetus to grow well during pregnancy. The amount of zinc needed before pregnancy is 8 mg daily.


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